This student (study) physics (at present, every day, last semester, when the telephone rang, tomorrow at this time, next semester)

Опубликовано: 21.10.2017

Упражнение 4. Переведите предложения.

1. Сейчас у нас урок английского языка. Преподаватель стоит у доски и объясняет новую грамматику. Студенты вни­мательно слушают и записывают. 2. Где вы были вчера после обеда? Я был дома весь день. Я писал письмо друзьям. 3. Что ты делал пять минут назад? 4.На нашей улице произошел не­счастный случай (accident). Я смотрел в окно, когда он про­изошел. 5. Что будет делать твоя сестра в 8 часов вечера? Она будет выполнять домашнее задание. 6. Какие вопросы будут обсуждаться сегодня на собрании? — Приходите в 12 часов. Будет обсуждаться очень интересный вопрос. 7. Когда мы приехали в город, там строился новый спортклуб.

Упражнение 5. Переведите предложения с it в различных функциях.

1. It is autumn. It is the 3rd of October. It is dark in the morn­ing and it is difficult to get up. 2. It is a new subject. It is very im portant for our future speciality. We shall study it for two years. It will be our future speciality, but we do not know much about it in

the first year. 3. It is known that the knowledge of general engi­neering subjects is the basis for the study of special subjects. 4. It seems that he works a lot. 5. It is said that the chemistry labora­tory of our institute is good. 6. The student finds it difficult to translate such a text without a dictionary. 7. It was not easy to study at the institute. 8. It is important to understand the funda­mentals of this science. 9. It was A.S. Popov who invented the ra­dio. 10. It is the knowledge of general engineering subjects that is the basis of engineering training.

Упражнение 6. Переведите предложения с one в различных функциях.

1. One must study a lot to become an engineer. 2. We must write only one exercise now. 3. Engineer is one of the most impor­tant professions, it is the one that is taught at technical institutes. 4. One cannot translate such an article without a dictionary in the first year. 5. One must have a very good knowledge of general engi­neering subjects to become a good engineer. 6. One must pass all exams well to enter an institute. 7. Last summer I read many Eng­lish articles, and my friend read some German ones. 8. This sum­mer we shall spend in the country, the last one we spent in the city.

We translated many texts, but there is one more text to translate.

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